Sunday, 14 December 2008

10 days to go and where am I?

Not doing too bad actually!
we have bought a few presents, but not silly ones. particualr requests for particular family members, of which I can not reveal or it gives the game away!

yesterday was a productive day, on the made list were 2 tote bags (reversable) a lunch bag and 6 appliques on t shirts (to make pj tops)

on the partly finished list are 6 pj bottoms, need to get some waist elastic to finish those, and a Calorimetry cast on.

todays list of things is to finish writing cards (half done already, yes I found the box!) wrap secret santas (x2) to get in the post tomorrow and finish the Calorimetry. I also plan to marzipan the cake and sew the leg casings on the pj's.

the kids want to put the tree up today, but I still think its too early - lets see how the day goes!

I may also try to get some soap made today, its DD2's last Brownie meeting of term tomorrow and it would be nice to give the leaders a home made gift.

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

o dear!

just re read the 1st entry to this blog made nearly a year ago. So I did buy a box of cards wonder where they are?
and a new years shindig eh? may re think that one!

Time to get this blog out of retirement!

As we are reaching that time of year again!

So how's it going with my plan? O.K my end, not sure how my recipients will feel but ho hum!

No Christmas cards bought in the sales, I have plenty in the loft left over from previous years. I did cave in and get some wrapping paper, in case my plan to make fabric gift bags didnt pan out.

I have made a start (and finish in a couple of cases) on Christmas presents, but obviously I cant publish those here - it would give the game away, but I will keep photos of them all to 'show and tell' after the event.

However it was my Mums birthday on sunday, and she had handmade presents. some stitch markers for her knitting (not made by me, but still handmade) a felted specs case and some handmade soap (the latter two I did make!) she appeared happy with them, but thats a mums job isn't it?

Monday, 31 December 2007

Bah - blooming - humbug

this is my once a year blog,
my 'yuck its the jolliness of the yuletide again' blog,
my 'I can't talk about how I REALLY feel about Christmas' blog
my 'is it nearly over yet' blog
my 'surely I haven't started another blog' blog!

Can you sense a theme here? I don't really enjoy this time of year. I am not a total Ebenezer, we have a whopping tree, lovely presents, good food, time with family and friends and the odd trip to church.

But I do find the whole thing so blooming stressful. Spending money we don't have, visiting relatives who find 5 of us a strain, getting 'gee what an interesting gift' gifts, and eating too much food.

despite promising ourselves we wouldn't do it this year - AGAIN, we have!

So next year will be a season of restraint and our gifts to others will be either kirstymade or printable (ethical gifts, bought on line and printed out) cards will be handmade or E-cards and any wrappings needed will be kirstymade cloth bags - there I have said it out loud so that's what will have to happen!

So far I have been fairly restrained and not bought loads in the sales, usually I can be seen buying most of next years gifts, paper and cards. so far I have only bought imminent birthday presents and one solitary box of Christmas cards ( I panicked OK?!)
Actually I am looking forward to improving on my knitting/sewing/crafting skills although I am not sure all our family and friends will appreciate the thought and ethos behind it as they don't all think like us, but ho-hum to them!

The other thing I am determined to NOT do next year is have a horrible new year, every year I see in the NY on my own. Husband works - the money is too good not to - but next year (actually the year after!) I am going to arrange a shindig for friends and family for New Years Day. So maybe I won't feel so sad a lonely!

this could be the last entry in this blog until the next yuletide starts.
so for now have a Happy New year
I hope 2008 is a happy, healthy and prosperous
for all of us